• What is The Hub?

    The Hub is a regional, state-of-the-art housing and transportation development in Hercules. It will connect thousands of housing units with a new train stop along the Capitol Corridor, bicycle and pedestrian pathways, bus routes, carpool options, and a future ferry service. 

    The Hub has all the components of the ideal regional housing and transit center. It will be a model for successful transit-oriented communities throughout the Bay Area.

  • How will The Hub impact our community?

    The Hub is a regional model for transit-oriented communities, creating a transit hub adjacent to the Bayfront Transit Village. This will put up to 1,400 residential units and 340,000 square feet of retail, commercial office and additional industrial/office space in direct access to bus, train, carpool, ferry, bicycle, and pedestrian transit options.

    Since the Hub will be within walking distance of the Bayfront transit-oriented development, it will generate new transit ridership without putting more cars on the street and expand commute options for a nearby community of concern. It will provide direct access to retail and other services close to home and reduce overall trip demand, contributing to social, environmental, economic, and health benefits.

    The California Department of Housing and Community Development has designated the project and adjoining Bayfront transit-oriented development as one of only thirteen Catalyst Projects in the state.

  • Are there any environmental benefits in building The Hub?

    As climate change continues to worsen, the region needs solutions to make it easier, safer, and more affordable to move around without driving a car. Bay Area traffic is stifling the region, straining residents’ daily lives and the environment. The construction of The Hub will provide direct access to convenient transportation alternatives, which will help move cars off I-80, the most congested freeway in Northern California.

    Currently, the Capitol Corridor and Amtrak San Joaquins trains pass through Hercules without stopping. By creating a new stop, The Hub will reduce the number of cars on our local roads and freeways, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The station, plaza, access roadways, and trails are also designed to accommodate rising sea level projections to 2067.

  • What changes can commuters expect with the creation of The Hub?

    The Hub will change how people move throughout the Bay Area, bringing transportation options directly to thousands living and working within walking distance of the station. It provides transportation connections to 340,000 square feet of retail, commercial, and office spaces in the Bayfront Village, which was developed after nearly two decades of community planning. This direct connection between the Capitol Corridor train service and nearby pedestrian and bicycle pathways, Richmond BART, Amtrak, and carpool programs will significantly impact commute patterns and help move people through the region – from Contra Costa and Solano Counties to San Francisco, Oakland, the South Bay, and Sacramento.

  • What is the projected timeline for construction of The Hub?

    The Hub is already well underway. The project’s first three phases have been completed, including building the initial infrastructure, expanding the Bay Trail, extending local roadways and sidewalks, and adding new bicycle and pedestrian trails. Following this, utility, track, and signal work will begin.

    After that, the Capitol Corridor Rail Station will be ready to be built. Additional funding is needed to complete this project’s final phase: building a fully-functional, attractive rail station and transit plaza.


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